Melanie has great experience in all aspects of this business and there are many different ways she can help you. You may be interested in having her expertise in the selection of putting your wedding team together. You may want Melanie lend her rich and expressive vocal talents to your wedding ceremony and arrange for the musicians that can transform the ceremony into a spiritual and musical expression of your love for one another.  Booking professional, quality instrumentalists can add so many nuances and create interest and drama, not too mention, gives your guests a fabulous musical experience. Some of the most beautiful musical combinations that people often ask for are the string quartet or string trio paired with a fabulous trumpeter announcing the brides entrance. Some brides love the sound of the harp and violin with the addition of flute or cello to give more texture and depth.  

 Melanie can sit down with you and work through many ideas to see what best fits your taste and budget.  There are no limits to the possibilities!